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The North American home of T3 Systems, market leaders in the supply, design and manufacture of modular display systems.

Our Solutions

T3 Frame

The original modular display system

A modular frame system with an extensive range of accessories.

T3 Wandlight

A touch of lighting elegance

Combining beauty & practicality for a wide range of lighting applications.

T3 Affinity

Designed to stand the test of time

Crafted and refined to be strong and reliable in retail and signage.

Tool Free Solution

Easy assembly with no tools needed

High Quality Parts

Avoid replacements with parts built to last

Full Design Support

Our team supports all of your design needs

Reuse & Repurpose

Lower your carbon footprint with reusable tools and materials

How our system works

Our Services

Display Walls
Display walls created using T3

Create versatile and reconfigurable display walls in a matter of minutes without the use of tools or levers at any stage of the build. From small to large design, the T3 Modular Display Frameworks can be used to bring your unique requirements and ideas to life. 

Experiential Displays
Create displays that will enhance visitors experiences

Experiential Displays are more than just attractive visual displays. They are tools that help create a memorable, personal and positive experience for customers and visitors by engaging as many of their senses as possible. As well as the display engaging the senses, they also provide the customer with as much information about the products or services to help with their buying decision. 

Lightbox Displays
Light up your event spaces with T3 Lightbox Displays

Create innovative Lightbox Displays using T3; one of the most versatile Modular Display System available to the industry.

Portable Trade Show Booths
Create professional portable trade show booths

T3 is one of the most versatile Modular Display Systems for the creation of Portable Trade Show Booths. T3 helps to simplify every facet of the design and building of portable trade show booths. The uniquely designed profiles firstly allow for small teams to quickly build small or large displays without the use of tools or levers at any point. 

Retail Displays
Retail and Point of Sale Solutions

Retail and point of sale displays are – and will always be – essential in driving attention and sales towards a brands products and services. Whether these displays feature in shopping malls, high street stores or trade shows and events they all need to create the same outcome – Display products and services enticingly and elegantly.

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