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Tool Free Design

T3 Affinity transforms display solutions by offering effortless modularity, enabling rapid and efficient reconfiguration and repurposing. With its unique features, this system allows for the creation of eye-catching and dynamic displays in a fraction of the time and cost compared to other systems.


Fully Accessorize

Transform your displays into immersive experiences with our range of ad-hoc tool free accessories.


Superior build time and cost efficiency

T3Affinity’s modular aluminum framing system excels with tool-free assembly, unrivaled modularity for diverse displays, and superior time and cost efficiency. Its patented connector and profile design ensure uniqueness and exclusive functionality, setting it apart in the framing systems market.

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Key Features

Adaptable With The T3 Range

The T3 Affinity system is adaptable with our T3 Frame and T3 Wandlight products, we have accessories and adapters which allows you to use our products in conjunction with each other, this is perfect for Shell Scheme arrangements as you have the customisability to use the system in any way you choose.

Accessories and Development

With T3 Affinity, you will have a large selection of accessories to choose from, whether you are looking for magazine and tablet holders, monitor support or lighting, there are solutions for a wide range of use-cases. We continue to develop and support our products so that our users can keep creating exciting new projects!

Shell Kit Solution

The durability and strength of T3 Affinity makes it an ideal candidate for a shell-kit solution. With the capability to utilise a range of graphic options such as semi-rigid and Kader textile, along with the convenience of our shell-clamp, attaching the T3 Frame (or another system) to our posts and beams becomes a seamless process. This ensures that T3 Affinity stands out as a reliable and adaptable system for various applications.

Case Studies

Case Studies

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