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Unbreakable, Non-Glass, and Portable 360° Lighting Solution

Introducing our versatile tube light – a featherweight, durable, and portable solution designed for exhibitions and displays. Emitting a bright 360-degree light, it’s energy-efficient and built to withstand heavy-duty environments. Easily customisable, these lights can be daisy-chained, cut to size, and support multiple units from a single plug. Illuminate your exhibits confidently with our efficient, durable, and flexible tube lights.


Plug & Play

T3 Wandlight has a patented design which allows for 360° light that makes it one of the most versatile and innovative lighting products available. No other LED comes close to offering the same benefits that the T3 Wandlight brings and stays true to our core philosophy of TWIST – LOCK – CONNECT


Illumination At Any Scale

Discover unparalleled innovation in our coiled LED tape design. Carefully calibrated for size, material, and LED strength, our lighting solution eliminates hot spots, prevents overheating, and maintains durability even when thrown around. The simple PCB ends ensure hassle-free installation with no specific orientation. Additionally, our LED tape comes with RGB capabilities for dynamic lighting experiences. Welcome to a new era of versatile and durable illumination.

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Key Features

Multiple Use Cases

Wandlight presents a distinctive and captivating approach to illuminating artworks, exhibits, or installations. With its wireless and off-grid capabilities, it emerges as the perfect lighting solution for spaces where conventional power sources are scarce or inaccessible.

Illuminated Flooring Like Never Before…

We frequently utilise the T3 Frame for flooring in various applications, with independently conducted stress tests showcasing remarkable results. In the retail sector, our floors have proven highly effective, even accommodating the weight of cars. When juxtaposed with our T3 Wandlight RGB range, the visual impact is truly captivating, adding an attention-grabbing element to your T3 project. Thanks to our reinforced connector, the floor can be elevated on feet, allowing for adjustments

Fully Customisable

Wandlight is available in both standard lengths and customizable sizes, catering to virtually any display requirement. Its flexibility in size ensures a seamless fit for various exhibition setups, allowing for a tailored lighting solution that meets specific needs. Additionally, WandLite stands out for its user-friendly features, including straightforward powering configurations, easy installation methods, and a range of accessories

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Case Studies

Read more about T3 Wandlight Projects


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T3 Snapify Sketchup Plugin

We have developed a fully customised Sketchup extension designed specifically for T3 Systems.