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T3 Frame Is Simple

T3 Frame is renowned for its patented, modular twist lock assembly method. Developed to be one of the most versatile and innovative solutions in the creation of display units. From dynamic and engaging exhibition environments to point of sale units and conference sets; T3 Frame can be used to fulfil every need. A wide range of accessories and varied extrusions allows for innovative and versatile display solutions.


Any Graphic Substrate

T3 Systems is renowned for its user-friendly design and flexibility, seamlessly integrates with various graphic materials. Whether utilising fabric, rigid panels, SEG Fabric or other substrates, T3 Frame ensures a sleek and professional presentation.


Fast & Customisable

T3 delivers a designer’s dream with its low-volume shipping, lightweight design, self-build capabilities, modularity, and limitless possibilities. With T3, there’s no compromise – tackle any curve, any angle, and any graphic type effortlessly. Fully modular and 100% tool-free, T3 introduces the ultimate kit-based solution: Twist, Lock, Create.

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Key Features

T3 Frame in Colour!

Our profiles and connectors are provided in a range of standard colours, plus a custom option as well! Make use of the exposed coloured profiles to design inspirational, vibrant displays for every environment. With a range of coloured accessories and extrusions available, creating displays from retail, exhibitions, pop-ups and even in the home.

More than just a Lightbox..

While standard light boxes are commonplace, T3 stands out by crafting freestanding lightboxes in diverse sizes, shapes, and with customisable features. Leveraging our specialised lightbox extrusion and daisy chain lights, we bring to life bespoke lightboxes with unique angles, internal corners, windows, integrated shelves, and beyond. At T3, we go beyond the ordinary to illuminate your brand with creativity and precision.

Enhance Your Shell Scheme Experience

Introducing the T3 Shell-Kit, a solution that seamlessly clads your shell scheme with graphics, creating display walls a mere 60mm from the shell scheme wall, maximising your floor space. This innovative system is not only quick and easy but also tool-free, effortlessly clamping onto any shell scheme framework for a display that is bound to leave a lasting impression. For added convenience, it can be disassembled into manageable lengths for easy transport.

Monitors, AV Equipment, and LED Tiles

The T3 Frame is versatile, accommodating any type of monitor or TV with its three separate accessories. Choose from simple monitor support hooks, brackets, or a wooden screen mount for standard VESA brackets. Size and weight are not limitations; our accessories and designs cater to heavier or bulkier equipment. Enhance the aesthetic with our internal SEG corner, adding an extra detail to inset the T3. Additionally, our latest innovation, the LED arm bracket, is designed to support any LED tile.

Illuminated Flooring Like Never Before…

We frequently utilise the T3 Frame for flooring in various applications, with independently conducted stress tests showcasing remarkable results. In the retail sector, our floors have proven highly effective, even accommodating the weight of cars. When juxtaposed with our T3 Wandlight RGB range, the visual impact is truly captivating, adding an attention-grabbing element to your T3 project. Thanks to our reinforced connector, the floor can be elevated on feet, allowing for adjustments.

Case Studies

Case Studies

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T3 Snapify Sketchup Plugin

We have developed a fully customised Sketchup extension designed specifically for T3 Systems.