Cabi – Collection

Key Stats

  • Point of Sale
  • 14 stands all in T3
  • Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre, USA


Golden Strength, one our T3 system’s USA resellers was tasked with creating a range of captivating visuals for the CabiScoop fall fashion show in July at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre, Massachusetts. This annual event was highly anticipated by Cabi, a prominent women’s fashion designer and manufacturer, as it marks the unveiling of their latest Autumn/Winter collection for women.


“The beauty of the T3 system is in the versatility and ease of construction.”


Owner, Golden Strength Inc.


Project Scope

Golden Strength was assigned the responsibility of developing an event display aimed at providing attendees and the general public with an enticing preview of the main fashion show’s offerings. In collaboration with T3 Systems, they harnessed a diverse range of display techniques to construct a distinctive and captivating visual presentation designed to captivate and excite the audience. The challenge also lay in ensuring the portability of the stands, as they were intended for multiple events.

T3 Solution

Golden Strength successfully created a comprehensive showcase, which included 14 graphic stands, two floating walls, and two encased pedestals, all assembled in the convention centre’s lobby. This strategic design allowed Cabi to present striking visuals on the stands, showcase creative mannequins within the encased pedestals, and display a diverse range of products using the floating walls all clad with either SEG or magnetic graphics, adding to the visual appeal.


The Final Result