Carrefour – Les Diables Rouges

Key Stats

  • Experiential project
  • Interactive AR booth
  • Installed across the country
  • Internal corners
  • Spotlights


Carrefour, a retail powerhouse, aimed to boost support for the Belgian national football team while increasing in-store traffic. Their goal was to introduce an interactive, nationwide activity across Belgian stores, captivating shoppers’ attention and igniting enthusiasm for an upcoming tournament. In this endeavor, Carrefour partnered with Next Way and T3 Systems, with a specific request to incorporate augmented reality technology.


“T3 was the ideal choice due to its accessibility, enabling us to secure the project successfully”


Arnaud van Reysen


Project Scope

The project required deployment in bustling shopping centres with high foot traffic. The structure had to be robust and straightforward to assemble, considering the infeasibility of pallet truck delivery in shopping centres. The primary objective was to empower local store employees to construct the structures independently. Carrefour aimed to encourage the public to engage by taking photos that simulated playing alongside the national football team.

T3 Solution

Leveraging our T3 Frame product, we tailored each structure to precise store dimensions. Pre-applied Velcro panels offered secure attachment, perfect for the bustling shopping environment. Assembly, a straightforward twist-and-lock process, required no tools, enabling store employees to effortlessly install. The utilisation of our Multiuse profiles at the corners ensured a polished, clean edge.


The Final Result