Key Stats

  • Exhibition
  • 3 Days
  • SEG Fabric Wall
  • Storage Area


Our Italian resellers at Wow Designs have been assigned the exciting challenge of developing a new exhibit stand for Ennessepi Factory at the upcoming LPG Week exhibit in Rome.


“We updated this project for the client with ease because of T3 modularity.”


Massimo Durello – Wow Designs


Project Scope

The brief involves integrating elements from the previous show and implementing a cardboard framework to construct a larger, more spacious stand with increased storage capacity.

T3 Solution

By incorporating modular components from the previous exhibit, Wow Designs effortlessly expanded the floor space. The seamless integration of the cardboard structure was facilitated by T3’s versatile connectivity, allowing it to link with virtually any universal display system. The rear wall, spanning almost 6 meters wide, showcased a fully clad SEG fabric. The outcome was a striking display that not only maximised the floor space but also effectively showcased the client’s products.


The Final Result