GazelleBikes – Retail

Key Stats

  • Point of Sale
  • North American Market
  • Podium Backdrop


Gazelle, the Netherlands’ market leader in the Bike industry, sought to create a compelling Point of Sale (POS) unit to introduce their new ‘Eclipse’ Electric bike range in North America. The objective was to design a unit that not only securely displayed the bikes but also served as a backdrop to convey the essence and ambience of the Gazelle brand. Gazelle collaborated with Olson Visual and T3 Display Systems to create this multi-element display.


“T3 was a game-changer for our projects. The simplicity of the twist connection significantly enhanced our installations, making them ten times more efficient. Highly recommended!”


Ewoud van Leeuwen – 2nd Commercieel Directeur / CCO Royal Dutch Gazelle


Project Scope

The Point of Sale (POS) unit needed to be versatile enough to be placed in various retail settings, ranging from storefront windows to the interior of the shop. This called for units that were easily portable and could be assembled without the necessity of skilled labor. Gazelle’s specifications included a podium to securely hold the bike while also providing the backdrop with the flexibility to be illuminated and displayed in either landscape or portrait orientation.

T3 Solution

Olson Visual and T3 Display Systems effectively created the perfect retail unit by incorporating diverse design elements, all based on the same core T3 Frame product. They employed reinforced connectors to ensure the stability of the bike podium base and utilised the Litebox profile for the background, resulting in a versatile unit that was easy to assemble. The use of modular components reduced the necessity for multiple extrusion lengths to only four different sizes, simplifying the setup and


The Final Result