Heavent Paris 2023

Key Stats

  • Custom curves
  • Illuminated strutures
  • T3 Deco ceiling
  • T3 Deco integrated plexi panels


Annually, we join forces with our esteemed partners, Deleage Expansion, to craft an exhibition stand that epitomises the bold and dynamic essence of Heavent Paris. This tradition of pushing boundaries not only underscores the strength of our partnership but also positions T3 as a trailblazer in the thriving French exhibition market. Our commitment to innovation sets us apart, as we consistently strive for heights that other systems find challenging, reinforcing our presence as a key player.


“La flexibilité de T3 offre une infinité d’options créatives, maintenant le design constamment excitant”


Virginie de Neuville


Project Scope

Our objective was to showcase T3’s capabilities in a 70s diner theme. We achieved this through an illuminated elevated design using Wandlite and plexiglass, integrated into a Wandlite-illuminated wall with access to a T3 storage room. The design extended to a unique ceiling using our black tube system, leading to a product showcase area with curved counters. T3’s flexibility allows for limitless creative options, keeping the design consistently exciting.

T3 Solution

Our highlight is the custom curved elevated sign, superbly illuminated on both sides for an acrylic panel. The depth is covered with magnetic roll-up material, seamlessly adhering to curves. Utilising T3 Wandlight, we effortlessly achieve 360-degree illumination with custom-sized lights. Success extends to the T3 Deco black ceiling, where GFS internal SEG extrusion allows fabric fitting to inside contours, keeping the black tube visible for a sleek finish.


The Final Result