Ikea – La sieste

Key Stats

  • Experiential Project
  • Custom Curves and Angles
  • Outdoor use
  • Design Agency led
  • Built by hand


Ikea partners with Districom to create an engaging project in Paris. They’re designing accessible sleeping capsules to cater to the demand for siestas in bustling urban areas. Placed strategically in high-traffic spots, these comfortable capsules offer a serene retreat, embodying Ikea’s quality and comfort, enticing urban dwellers to rejuvenate amidst their hectic lives.


“T3 Systems is the ultimate system for customisability. We literally could not have completed this project without it”


Thierry Clicquot de Mentque


Project Scope

We creatively crafted 8 portable sleeping units, cleverly attached to electric bike-towed trailers. These offered Parisians the chance for re-energising power naps, meeting Ikea’s need for durable, lightweight, and branded solutions, thereby enhancing urban life and reinforcing the brand’s identity.
The capsule included many of Ikeas key furnishings, mattress, duvets, pillows, cushions, curtains, and bedside tables. We needed a window, a door large enough for customers to get in.

T3 Solution

The entire cabin utilises our T3Frame system on a trailer, easily assembled without tools for a custom finish. Graphics are Velcro-applied on 3mm Foamex panels. The capsule includes Ikea furnishings and a unique window-door system inspired by T3 Safeguard principles. We designed an internal groove for plexiglass panels to lock into place, with the door’s strength secured by hinge profiles and structural braces. Velcro panels prevent bending or flexing from frequent use.


The Final Result