Key Stats

  • Tradeshow
  • T3 Frame black
  • 120sqm
  • Slovakia, Europe


T3Works, our trusted reseller in Slovakia, undertook the task of creating a bespoke stand for Modant Vintage & Antiques, with the specific objective of highlighting the brand’s unique style and company ethos.


“T3 in black was a game-changer for this project. Its sleek design, ease of assembly, and huge stand provided the perfect solution. It made our project stand out effortlessly. Highly recommended!”


Ingrid Sudek – Owner – Madness Advertising


Project Scope

The challenge at hand was to design an interior space that effectively segmented the diverse antique collection within Modant’s inventory while simultaneously incorporating an intricate ceiling and lighting system. This needed to be achieved while preserving an ample floor space and providing clear visibility for each distinct interior space dedicated to the display of various antique pieces.

T3 Solution

T3 Works skillfully employed T3 Frame in black to craft an awe-inspiring interior space that served as an exquisite gallery for showcasing some of Modant’s most esteemed works. The expansive stand, spanning 120 square meters with a soaring 6-meter height, incorporated a range of design elements, including a fully clad ceiling, resulting in a distinctive and impactful design.


The Final Result