New Balance – Shell Scheme

Key Stats

  • Shell Scheme design
  • Single profile
  • Self built in 1 hour


Prestige Designs, our partners from New Zealand, recently wowed New Balance with a swift and stylish shell scheme booth. The U-shaped fabric walls, coupled with an elegant counter, were seamlessly assembled in under an hour, leaving New Balance thoroughly impressed. This successful project signals the start of a promising partnership, with more innovative ventures on the horizon. The installation was at Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre, New Zealand. Using SEG fabric graphic skins.


“The T3 Frame system is quick and easy to use and with it being light and compact, it makes transporting it to site effortless. It also allows one person to be able to set this up with no difficulties”

Ciaran Young


Project Scope

New Balance prioritised sustainability when choosing Prestige Design and T3 for their display needs. T3, renowned as one of the most eco-friendly display systems, made the decision straightforward. Our installation process was efficient—no machinery or heavy loading was necessary. A small, skilled team carried out the manual installation, leveraging the product’s modular design. This not only facilitated easy access to the event space but also allows the booth to be dismantled and repurposed.

T3 Solution

T3 Frame elements boast remarkable simplicity. Labelled with clarity, the kit includes 5 walls and 5 counters, offering versatile orientations and shapes. The counter supports fabric at the front and Velcro panels on the sides, providing adaptability for freestanding or U-shaped designs.


The Final Result