Paramount Studios – Transformers

Key Stats

  • Seamless SEG Fabric Angle
  • Over 20ft high with only 1.6ft depth
  • Illuminated using T3Wandlite
  • 72000 hours working life
  • Effortlessly carried by hand


Create captivating lightboxes and illuminated Walls for the Transformer franchise movie launch. Incorporate dynamic back lighting to evoke the essence of the iconic characters and futuristic elements. Ensure the designs are visually striking, capturing the attention of audiences and conveying the excitement of the beloved franchise. Through our T3 Network this project was secured by numerous reseller across the globe.


“There is no better system when building and dressing a wall of this scale. Over 20ft high with only a depth of 1.6ft”


Rick Olson – President Oslon Visual Inc


Project Scope

Paramount envisioned grand, 22ft-high (7m) illuminated walls, spanning up to 35ft in width for cinemas and shopping centers nationwide. Seamless portability and straightforward assembly were paramount, demanding a design allowing easy transport and construction with just ladders. The front-facing illumination, operational 24/7, was integral to the project’s success.

T3 Solution

We achieved remarkable customization by limiting the depth to just 2ft for this system, a testament to our ingenuity. The integration of our Channel Fabric Angle, facilitating pristine SEG corners, and T3’s seamless design with no breaks in the SEG edging underscored our commitment to excellence. Powered by our T3Wandlite solution, the system drew a mere 1.5 amps per meter, boasting an impressive working life of 72,000 hours. The compact design allowed all walls to fit into T3 roller bags.


The Final Result